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We’ll call the client and help them get the fair market rent for their property

We Pay You $400 for each referral you send our way

As soon as we get paid for placing a tenant, your check goes in the mail


Keep Great Clients on Your Roster

Sending a referral to us doesn’t mean saying goodbye to sales commissions; instead, we’ll handle the property’s management and when the owner chooses to sell, we’ll refer them back to you.

Eliminate Financial Risks

Get rid of unnecessary liability. If you’re still providing advice on complicated topics like insurance, housing ordinances, & federal guidelines, you could find yourself in a world of trouble if things go wrong. Let us do the hard stuff for you.

Everything Goes in Writing

We aim to create mutually beneficial partnerships and are happy to put the terms of our referral relationship in writing if you’d like. We want you to rest easy knowing you’re working with a reliable firm.

We Keep You Looking Great

We understand the importance of protecting your reputation in the real estate industry. Our team works overtime to ensure the happiness of our customers, making you look great in the process.

Earn Unlimited Referral Fees

Every time a referred client chooses to use us for property management, you’ll net a $400 referral fee.